Tampa: a City of Arts

Tampa Arts Alliance is a collaborative nonprofit founded to advance the arts in Tampa. Our vision is for Tampa to be internationally recognized as a vibrant and dynamic city for the arts, thereby positively enhancing the quality of life and economic strength of the region.

We are on a mission.

Without the arts we cannot tell our story. Tampa is not just a city trying to be like somewhere else. We want to raise up the profile of our arts and culture to show off what makes Tampa unique. There is a lot to love here.

Our work includes but is not limited to: 

  • Helping create a clearer vision for the arts in Tampa
  • Attracting funding for the arts
  • Fostering greater awareness inside and outside the City of Tampa about the artists who work here and the arts venues, outlets, and programming available
  • Working with arts organizations to inventory Tampa’s cultural assets
  • Helping connect local artists and arts organizations with each other 
  • Developing, enhancing, and fostering greater availability of resources to support local artists and arts venues
  • Advocating, as necessary, for greater support for and recognition of the arts by public authorities
  • Identifying and creating places and spaces where artists can connect
  • Exploring parts of Tampa where we might help encourage and support the creation of arts districts
  • Gathering information about best practices and success stories in other communities known for the arts


Help us achieve our mission of making Tampa a community known for its vibrant arts scene.

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