About the Arts Alliance

The Tampa Arts Alliance is a catalyst and convener of arts advocates, dedicated to making Tampa a city known for excellence in the arts.

Without the arts we cannot tell our story. Tampa is not just a city trying to be like somewhere else. We want to raise up the profile of our arts and culture to show off what makes Tampa unique. There is a lot to love here.


Our Work

Our work includes but is not limited to:

  • Helping create a clearer vision for the arts in Tampa
  • Attracting funding for the arts
  • Fostering greater awareness inside and outside the City of Tampa about the artists who work here and the arts venues, outlets, and programming available
  • Working with arts organizations to inventory Tampa’s cultural assets
  • Helping connect local artists and arts organizations with each other
  • Developing, enhancing, and fostering greater availability of resources to support local artists and arts venues
  • Advocating, as necessary, for greater support for and recognition of the arts by public authorities
  • Identifying and creating places and spaces where artists can connect
  • Exploring parts of Tampa (e.g., Ybor City) where we might help encourage and support the creation of an arts district
  • Gathering information about best practices and success stories in other communities known for the arts


Board of Directors


Neil Gobioff
The Gobioff Foundation

Vice Chair

Jennifer R. Malin
Community Foundation Tampa Bay 


Kathy Durdin
Florida Watercolor Society

Andrew George
Ashley Furniture Industries 

Bill Carlson
Tucker/Hall, Inc. 

Dolores Coe

Frank J. “Sandy” Rief, III
Allen Dell Attorneys at Law

Gary L. Sasso
Carlton Fields

Lauren Brigman
Stageworks Theater

Sara Richter
Arts Leader

Ya La’Ford


Executive Director

Michele Smith