Tampa’s streets are full of color and character! Hundreds of artists have taken it upon themselves to decorate the city in addition to carefully curated commissions by thoughtful administrators and business owners. It’s challenging to keep up, but the Tampa Arts Alliance is starting to map out where you can find these artful expressions. Vibrant Walls is a free resource for the community to find murals to explore and an avenue for sharing the stories of the creators in our city. This map is intended to be a tool that demonstrates the quantity and diversity of our cultural assets in Tampa, starting with murals.  Thank you to Graystone Consulting Morgan Stanley for providing seed funds to build this free library.

Explore Tampa's Vibrant Walls

Click on the map pins to locate murals around the Tampa area. You can zoom in on the map and explore specific neighborhoods by scrolling your mouse or clicking on the +/- buttons located on the bottom left corner of the map.


The Vibrant Walls project seeks to collect images of all murals in the public realm for the purpose of supporting the argument that Tampa is a creative city. We believe this narrative is important in how Tampa artists market themselves and it aids our collective ability to attract patrons and increase government funding for the arts. If you do not yet see your work, please send it to us for inclusion (must be in the city of Tampa).

While this work is  primarily presented for educational and artistic appreciation, we acknowledge the intellectual property rights of each artist. If you are an artist who’s work is included in this mapping and wish to have your work removed or credited differently, please contact Tampa Arts Alliance. We respect your creative voice and want to ensure proper attribution. 

Meet the Team

The Vibrant Walls Map is a free resource thanks to Graystone Consulting from Morgan Stanley.